Author : Muhammad Julio Andre


Tbi News - English Department Student Association (EDSA) IAIN Kudus held  Meeting and Upgrading 2021 which was held in MWC NU Mejobo, Kudus, Saturday (06/03/2021). Annual routine event in order to discuss  EDSA work program for 2021 period which was attended by all EDSA administrators 2021 period. Total of 31 members attended the event. In addition, the TBI lecturer, Mr. Nuskhan and several EDSA alumni attended the event. The event is carried out while adhering to health protocols, such as wearing mask and physical distance.


Message from Mr. Nuskhan as a TBI lecturer, Hopefully, the program can be create as simple as possible but sustainable work program and try to work together at the international level.


In addition, the same thing was conveyed by chairwoman of EDSA 2021, I hope that this joint work meeting of EDSA 2021 management can be the beginning of a new spirit to carry out organizational tasks. I hope that all work programs can be realized well and make EDSA more existent and accomplished and can help the progress of TBI, Tri Susmita, chairman of EDSA 2021

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