TBI IAIN KUDUS Achieved Double Achievement of Speech Competition at UNISNU Jepara

Author : Muhammad Julio Andre



TBI NEWS - TBI IAIN Kudus won double achievement in UNISNU Jepara Speech Competition 2021 on Tuesday (23/02). The event was held in compliance with health protocols at Library of UNISNU Jepara and was attended by students from various universities. It was a great news because TBI students of IAIN Kudus, Julio Andre (1st) and Lutfiana Meita (2nd) were able to achieve two of three contested championships. It was an opening achievement at the beginning of the year, especially for TBI IAIN Kudus. This victory is inseparable from the support of many parties, ranging from parents, lecturers and also friends who is very supportive of supporting TBI representatives. Hopefully this result can make me and other friends to be more enthusiastic about participating in the competition ,said Julio Andre.


Positive comments were conveyed by the head of English departmens study program, Mrs. Hj. Alfu Nikmah, M.pd. That is a good achievement for TBI students and an opportunity to learn and improve skills in competition. It is a great achievement for the English Department of IAIN Kudus. It showed that students have developed their skill well being a champion. It is a good chance for students to learn and build their talent in a such competition , said Mrs. Alfu Nikmah.


Hopefully, with this opening achievement, it can open up further achievements for TBI.

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