Stay Productive! EDSA IAIN Kudus Held National Online English Competition 2020

TBI IAIN Kudus - Covid19 outbreak has hampered many of our activities as students such as face-to-face learning, meeting friends and also competitions that we usually participate in. Everything that involves large numbers of people should be removed and replaced being online. This is a challenge for EDSA IAIN Kudus which held national competition for the first time. The event was held on 05/12/2020 and ended on 02/01/2021. There are 3 kinds of competitions, such as Speech, Story Telling and Cover Song, which are followed by all students in Indonesia. This event was held online through YouTube Tadris Bahasa Inggris IAIN Kudus and the announcement of the winners via Instagram EDSA IAIN Kudus. It has produced winners, Rey Abraham (Speech Competition / President University), Nisrina Marchy (Cover Song / Polines) and Elvira Setya (Story Telling / IAIN Salatiga). The goal is to provide a place for Indonesian students to always be productive, creative and achieving in this hard situation.


This is the first time we held National Competition, this is the right time to introduce EDSA IAIN Kudus in national level and expand the relations as well. In addition, It aims to improve TBI students abilities to compete with other universities, said Arina (Chairwoman of competition). Even though this is the first time EDSA IAIN Kudus held national competition, but good impression was given by one of the Speech competition participant, who stated that, I was impressed, because from this competition, beside experience and English skills, it is also relationships, said Ria (Speech participant)


With this condition, it should not stop students from always achieving, especially for TBI students. This is the right time for TBI Students to hone competitive mental and English skills. So, We hope that with this competition, it can boost our spirit, productive, creativity and be more competitive in every competition.



Author : Muhammad Julio Andre

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