TBI Student of IAIN Kudus won Creative Video at IAIN Pekalongan

TBI KUDUS - the mind-blowing news came from TBI IAIN Kudus students who again made IAIN Kudus proud, especially for English Education Department. She is Nurul Aini Rizqina, an outstanding student who gave an achievements to TBI IAIN Kudus. These conditions, it does not stop her intention to continue to make proud of her beloved university. The online competition was organized by ESA IAIN Pekalongan with the theme "Develop Millenial Skills For Bright Future" on December 3rd. to 14th 2020 and the winner announcement was on December 17th  2020.


She said the reason why she participated in the competition, especially choosing idioms as a topic of the creative video was because she’s interested  in teaching English by taking from sources such as YouTube, movies,s and TV shows. "The reason why I chose idioms was that idioms are pretty difficult to understand and memorize because it cannot be interpreted word by word. Moreover, I was inspired by American YouTuber who made films and TV shows as learning materials”, she said,


In addition, according to her, learning from YouTube and TV shows is more effective in the context of understanding how to use idioms. "It will be more effective because I often meet English learners that learning more through textbooks and often neglecting the importance of pronunciation", Nurul Aini said.


From her achievements, we hope that it can boost TBI student’s motivation to participate in competitions. The competition could enhance their skills and to be more competitive in this era.


video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTmrvw120Jc



Author : Muhammad Julio Andre

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