English Materials By Using Flyer, Innovation of the First English Department Student’ Community Service Program (KKN)

Community Service Program from Home (KKN-IK DR) was opened by the rector of IAIN Kudus at 1st July, 2020. Many groups of KKN-IK DR are still hesitated about what kind of dedications should they render during COVID-19 out break. At first, the first generation students of English Education Department created English learning videos for Tadris Bahasa Inggris IAIN Kudus YouTube account. Proudly, there was creative idea from group KKN66 IK DR, one of creative idea from group KKN 66 IK DR was made a seminar with the tittle “Inovasi Pembelajaran Kreatif Bahasa Inggris Di Era New Normal”, as we know that in this new normal era, all schools in indonesia cannot carry out teaching and learning activities optimally even thera are many school are closed because of covid 19 virus. Because of that group KKN 66 IK DR made the seminar that aim to motivate english learner about how to learn english creatively in the new normal era.

Moreover, group KKN66 IK DR also made some flyers on instagram. Dina Agustina as the content creative creator upload flyers two time a week. The flyers are about english materials, health protocol, and qurban procedures during covid-19 pandemic. There are variety english materials are created by group KKN 66 IK DR including synonym, acronym, idioms, and slank. You can visit on instagram  kknikdr66 (https://www.instagram.com/p/CEEdxCDJi1b/?igshid=11lcb1a1gt1hp). In this covid-19 pandemic the group KKN 66 IK DR created flyer about health protocol during covid 19 pandemic, it aims to motivate the Indonesian people to keep healthy and reduce the spread of the corona virus through flyers on the instagram. You can visit on instagram kknikdr66 (https://www.instagram.com/p/CDGwkyApRSO/?igshid=q93ozb7ovphe). All of muslims around the world celebrated Eid al-Adha on the 10th of dzulhijjah, however in the current pandemic of covid 19, qurban is implemented using health procedures that had been established by the government, but not all people know about it, therefore the group KKN 66 IK DR created flyers to suggested the public to applied qurban procedures during covid 19 pandemic. You can visit on the instagram kknikdr66 (https://www.instagram.com/p/CDUrrRWpZbj/?igshid=t7c4g0fugegr).

As English Students, we should be more creative by improving English skills, and utilizing the technology and social media. The Supervisor, Drs. Ulin Nuha M.Pd. appreciated those program, and hopes that the flyer will be followed up as a learning media for English Education classroom at IAIN Kudus.


Written by Wafa Taufiqur Rahman

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