Bringing Religious Moderation Values into English Classroom

Religious extremism and radicalism have been a growing concern in recent years. This is especially true in Indonesia, being home to one of the most diverse and religious societies in the world. Religious moderation is believed to be the antidote to these harmful ideologies. Consequently, it has been in all parties’ interest to spread the values of religious moderation especially to the Indonesian youth. But what is religious moderation anyway? Why is it important that its values are instilled to Indonesian youth’s mind? How does radical groups exploit language to influence people and spread their ideas? And how can English teachers participate in this endeavor considering that their allocated time is already barely enough to cover all the competencies needing to be achieved?

These questions -and more- were answered by the two speakers of the online seminar entitled “Membawa Nilai-Nilai Moderasi Beragama ke dalam Kelas Bahasa Inggris” organized by 2020 KKN-IK DR group 71 on August 4th 2020. The two speakers were Mr. Muhtador, coordinator of IAIN Kudus Rumah Moderasi and Mr. Hammam Sanadi, an English lecturer at IAIN Salatiga. The seminar was held through Zoom Meeting app and was attended by more than 80 participants consisting of lecturers, students, English teachers as well as teachers of other subjects from various cities.

The seminar began at 9.30 am and was opened with a welcoming remark from the field advisor lecturer of group 71, Mr. Nuskhan Abid. In his remark, he reminded the audience that as well as improving their students’ English language skill, English teachers are also responsible for building their character as well as instilling good virtues into them, one of which is religious moderation. He hoped that this seminar can help teachers to understand the essence of religious moderation and formulating how to promote its values.

The seminar was recorded and posted to Tadris Bahasa Inggris IAIN Kudus YouTube channel. You can watch the video by clicking this link


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