English Education Department’ General Stadium Event in 2020

Kudus - In the Midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, The General Stadium for new students of English Education Department has been held with complying the health protocol, by wearing a mask and keeping the distance. The event was held on Monday, September 14th, 2020 at the 2nd floor of the SBSN building, lasting for an hour starting from 1.30 to 2.30 pm. The event was attended by 105 new students approximately and some representatives of EDSA. The main speaker who gives materials was Drs. Ulin Nuha, M.Pd and Alfu Nikmah, M.Pd as the moderator.

This General Stadium was carried out to introduce the new students about their campus, such as vision and mission of IAIN Kudus, profile of graduates, and the characteristics of Applied Islamic Science and its development in IAIN Kudus. Furthermore, they also was introduced to the study program especially English Education Department, such as the vision, mission and its program.

The New students were enthusiastic in participating this event. In the Question and Answer session, there were 2 students who asked questions then followed by speaker’s responses.

"The role of students in the introduction of English to society is very important, because English is the most spoken language in the world, and students are agents of change" said Drs. Ulin Nuha, M.Pd as the speaker.

After the General Stadium event was finished, it was continued with the introduction of student organizations, Student Executive Council of Tarbiyah Faculty and EDSA. EDSA, stand for English Department Student Association is student organization housing English Education Department in specific. The aim of introducing EDSA to the new students is in order to know the organization well, so that they can pull together in the future.


Translated by Niam

Edited by Auliya Fitriyani

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