Online Seminar: English Teaching Management Collaborating With MAN 2 Kudus

KKN-IK DR Group 69 held an online seminar entitled "English Language Teaching Management in Senior high School to Achieve Overseas Scholarship with MAN 2 Kudus" via zoom, on Thursday (6/8/2020). The seminar was attended by approximately 80 participants from various backgrounds such as high school students, college students and teacher also. The seminar was opened by the principal of MAN 2 Kudus represented by the vice principal of curriculum, M. Azhar Latif, S.T and the chief of English Education Department IAIN Kudus, Alfu Nikmah, M.Pd. There were three speakers who present the materials in the seminar, they were M. Khodrotun Naja, M.Pd (English teacher at MAN 2 Kudus), Hafizh Khasyi Al Farizi (Awardee KL-YES Program 2017/2018, MAN 2 Kudus alumnus), and Hunafa Nabililmuna (Awardee KL - YES program 2020/2021, MAN 2 Kudus student).

The first presenter who is an English teacher at MAN 2 Kudus and also a lecturer at IAIN Kudus, Muhammad Khodrotun Naja revealed about English teaching management in MAN 2 Kudus that can bring their students to achieve some overseas scholarship such as KL-YES Program. They also facilitate and prepare them, such as giving TOEFL ITP materials.

“We help our students and select them. Our method selection is not to choose student in a classical ways, but to select students who really active and being serious to learn in overseas.” said the man who teach English at MAN 2 Kudus.

The second presenter, alumnus MAN 2 Kudus who is an awardee of KL-YES Program in 2017/2018, Hafiz Khasyi Al Farizi shared his valuable experience of the participation in student exchange program. Hafiz explained about the different arts and cultures between Indonesia and America, both in daily life and school life. He also shared the way how he adapt to their life style, ways to understand and manage the cultural differences.

"...be confident with yourself, be patient, always use the language until you get used to it," said Hafiz to encourage the online seminar participants and shared experience how he could manage the language matter.

The last speaker, Hunafa Nabililmuna who is an active student in MAN 2 Kudus and an awardee of KL-YES program in 2020/2021 shared about her struggle to get overseas scholarship and balance it with both of her school life and boarding school activities. "I am very lucky to have such a great teachers. I was helped by a lot of teachers here to manage this scholarship, especially my supervisor, Mr. Naja. He always helped and encourage me" said Hunafa gratefully.

The online seminar which is guided by a member of group of 69, Harisul Falah, lasted for three hours starting at 9 am to 12 am West Indonesia Time zone on Thursday, 6 August 2020.


Written by Siti Fatchatul Hana

Edited by Auliya Fitriyani

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