The First Community Service Program (KKN) of English Education Department Students


Community Service Program (Kuliah Kerja Nyata, KKN) IAIN Kudus that has been holding in July and August 2020 has been changed into KKN-IK DR (The acronym for "Kuliah Kerja Nyata Terintergrasi Kompetensi Dari Rumah".) It is one of the main programs that should be fulfilled by college students and students of IAIN Kudus so well.

Considering the Covid-19 outbreak, the rector of IAIN Kudus has determined some policies about this program as the guideline for their students. For Tarbiyah faculty students, they are all expected to make some creative programs and activities but Covid-19 friendly in education, Islamic, and Religious moderation aspects. Those programs and activities should be delivered and done from home, nor near to their home and online. As the rector of IAIN Kudus, Dr. H. Mundakir, M.Ag said in the online opening ceremony, “The goal of KKN-IK DR is to be able to color the world in social media with creative contents, so it can be delivered globally.” (1/7)

In this occasion, the first generation of English Education Department students are divided into six groups. Each group dedicates their programs to contribute in education through online learning, which the targets are English learners who find the difficulties in understanding English material from the school.

They made various programs and projects such as sharing posters with English learning contents, holding online seminars, making some creative learning English videos or developing media learning, doing some activities related to religious moderation, and so on. All those programs are delivered through social media, streaming sites and also website with the guidance of their supervisors. The supervisors for English Education Department students are Ulin Nuha, M. Pd., Ida vera Shopya, M. Pd., Tara Nindya Zulhi Amalia, M. Pd., Alfu Nikmah, M. Pd, Azizah Maulina Erzad, S. S., M.Pd., and Nuskhan Abid, M. Pd.


Each group in English Education Department has been creating some posters which would be posted on instagram account @tbikudus on July and August 2020. The posters are all about English learning or Covid-19 information. A lots of English materials in posters are provided to improve English competence. Moreover, it is also provided with Covid-19 information to inform and educate the public about its relation information such as new normal, health protocol and so on.


There are a lots of English learning videos which have been uploading by the students in Tadris Bahasa Inggris YouTube account. The contexts are about English materials from junior high school to senior high school level. The videos are easy to understand and also provided by some samples. Group 69 also used those learning videos to design and made the online teaching collaboration with An-Najah Boarding School in Demak. Moreover, Group 71 also is developing an English dictionary app as an English media learning.


Some groups also held Ngaji Online such as group 66. That group make a video of reciting some the Holy Quran verses and explain the tajweed.


Considering the Covid-19 outbreak, a lots of group held online discussion such as virtual talk (informal) and online seminar (formal). Group 70 hold a virtual coffee talk among the members to improve their speaking skills. Forth, group 67 was the first group to organize online seminar which is held on 29 July 2020, then followed by the other groups. The themes are about the students’ role in this pandemic, English teaching and learning management, writing scientific journal, Religious moderation and so on.

This online seminar is the main program in KKN-IK DR that is held by each group corporates with speakers and institutions from various background field. One of the supervisors, Nuskhan Abid, M.Pd explained in the English Education Department’s online meeting, “This event is a collaboration between lecturers and students who involve the community as the audience.” (30/6)


“All English Education Department students are expected to keep learning and improve new competence to face any kind of situation through this program”, said the chief of English Education Department, Alfu Nikmah, M.Pd in the English Education Department’s online meeting. (30/06)


Written by Nailisy Syafaah

Edited by Auliya Fitriyani

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