To Fill in Ramadan, EDSA Hold Online Seminar “Tips and Tricks TOEFL ; Your Pathway to Be Success”

Ramadan this year is different from previous years because of Corona Pandemic and quarantine. Regarding quarantine, English Education Students Association  (EDSA) held an Online Seminar on Sunday, 17/05/2020 at 3 p.m. The seminar talked about tips and tricks to take TOEFL test. Agus Muhammad Musthofa, the chief of EDSA, said the background conducting this seminar was because he realized that TOEFL is very essential especially for English Education Department Students. He wanted to facilitate it by presenting a very great speaker. The speaker was Mr. Muhammad Noor Sulaiman Syah, S.Pd.I., M.Pd., one of IAIN Kudus lecturers that will continue his master’s degree in Australia.

The agenda tooked place in Whatsapp group and is open publicly. The benefits of online seminar are E-Certificate, relation, and knowledge. Since joining the seminar, the participants should follow some terms, followed EDSA’s Instagram, subscribed to TBI’s YouTube channel, and shared the seminar pamphlet to the 3 WhatsApp groups.


Written by Titin

Translated by Arina Al Haq

Edited by Nurul Aini Rizqina

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