Is there a cure for COVID-19? The miracle of Ramadhan and Quran

Nailisy Syafaah

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Life is a journey. We have to pass it in accordance with the destiny from the God. Allah has created the best scenario for our life. He also created us for being diligent undertaking the worship concerning with both of the affairs in the world and hereafter. So we have to do and balance them well in order to be good people. In the other hand, some or most of us are still doing damage. Therefore, Allah will give us a disaster. It can be a test for our faith. We are still be patient to overcome it or we just complain it.

Nowadays, we and all people over the world have faced COVID-19 (Corona Virus Desease-2019). It has affected almost all countries in the world. As we know that it is an infectious disease caused by a type of coronavirus. This is a new virus and a disease that had not been known before and comes from Wuhan, China, on December 2019. Someone infected this virus will have the symptoms like fever, fatigue, and dry cough. Some patients may experience pain and ache, nasal congestion, flu, sore throat or diarrhea. Some of them do not show any symptoms and still feel healthy (WHO, QA for public).

This pandemic makes all people lockwdown on their home, their region, even in their country. The impact is some people can not do their activities like studying, shopping, working and so forth. So some people are unemployed/not working and cannot earn money. Because it is a recommendation from the government to stay at home. All events involved the crowds are cancelled or eliminated such as halal bihalal (friendship and apologizing each other), wedding party, teaching and learning process, and so forth.

Indonesia applied social distancing to prevent spreading COVID-19. We have to wash our hand using soap/hand sanitizer, use masker everywhere, keep clean, and be healthy. All places are asked to be designed providing a hand washing area. those are the main components sholud be noticed as a form of our endeavor externally. Besides, we have to endeavor spiritually by praying much and also reciting holy Quran. We pray and ask to Allah for keeping us away from that virus.

Quran is a cure for all human sicknessess, we strongly recite it as much as we can to get Allah bless. Moreover, we are in this special month, Ramadan. We do fasting. It is a very special worship with many glorious primacy. One of its principal objectives is that fasting can offer us future intercession on the judgment day, where there is no more can help us except the intercession permitted by god. Those two intercessions are fasting in Ramadan and Quran. The two will come and vie offering the intercessions, as the words of the Messenger Muhammad SAW said; "The fasting and Quran will offer the intercessions to the servants on the judgment day. Fasting would say: "O my God, Allah, I have kept him from eating and lust by day, so grant me to intercede with him." And Quran also said," I have forbade him from sleeping by night, then grant me to intercede with him." He said, "Then both of thier intercessions is welcomed." (Hadith History by Ahmad, Hakim, Thabrani). So that, in this month, We will get a multiple reward with 70 times amount from every kindness we intend just for Allah.


We can read Quran individually, or Tadarus (read Quran in turn-for some region holding this event as a green zone-Safe from pandemic) in this holy month. It aims to celebrate the Quran handed down on 17th of Ramadan. Allah said in Quran Sura Al-Baqoroh, beginning of verse 185 that the meaning is; “(Some days that are determined are) the month of Ramadan in which the Quran is revealed (the beginning) as a guide for humans and explanation about the instructions and the difference (between the true and the false).”(Al Quddus: Al-Quran dan Terjemahnya, 2014).

We can take the benefits from celebrating Ramadhan by reciting Quran together in a family, holding Pengajian (Islamic Teaching Learning) on online for this situation. Indonesian Muslim has characteristics as Religious, family-oriented, and tolerant. This stereotypes can be an encouragement for us to do fasting and reciting holy Quran heartily. This both will vie offering the intercessions as our rescuers at the end. Who would not let them help us? Of course we really want their intercessions. In a story, the great friend of Messenger Muhammad SAW called "Saifullah Al-Maslul" (the sword of God that is always drawn), Khalid bin Al-Walid, may Allah bless him. When he was taking holy Quran and reciting it, he used to cry and said; “We have been sacked from you (Quran) by jihad!" (Ahmad Mudzoffar Jufri, 2015). It is his pursuit of jihad, which is fighting and defending Islam and values of Quran. So what is the reason we do not read the Quran?

I conclude, recite Quran as much as we can especially during Ramadan and the day after it. Hopefully we can also understand the meaning and it leads us to get Allah’s bless and as the intercessions from COVID-19.

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