Stay at Home, HMPS English Education Department held an online entrepreneurial seminar

The covid-19 outbreak requires government to make policies about study from home, work from home and worship from home. Those policies is made to break the chain of virus transmission.

The policy certainly brought about change in people daily lives, especially learning activities from home that limit students mobility, but it did not make the students of English Education Department of IAIN Kudus lose the way to carry out a program that had been designed.

Exactly last Saturday, April 18, 2020, English Department Student Association held an online seminar about business with theme of the seminar is ‘be smart, be bright, and be beautiful’ at 6.30 to 9.30 p.m. The seminar was conducted through WhatsApp group chat.

The seminar that was conducted for public was attended about 238 participants. It presented a competent speaker in online business, Naya Huang. She is a beauty clove challenge & digital preneur, founder & owner of Naya corner, volunteer, and editor leader.

She said that business was an act of helping others who were paid. It means that not only will the owner who get the advantage but we also have to think about the products that being sold, is that useful for others, is there a positive effect or negative effect on others.

"Through this seminar, I expected to develop a business interest to seminar participants, so they can be able to their own money since young while keep doing their school or college," said Agus Musthofa, the chief of English Department Student Association.


Written by Titin S

Translated by Vivi Aditya Tiwi

Edited by Auliya Fitriyani

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