Workshop "Developing Skills in Teaching and Learning English in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era"

On September 17, 2019 English Education Department held a workshop with the theme "Developing Skills in Teaching and Learning English in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era" in the second floor hall of SBSN Building.

            The workshop that presented Dr. Anuncius Gumawang Jati, A lecturer of ITB as the speaker was attended by lectures, students and English teachers from all over the Kudus City. Hj. Alfu Nikmah, M. Pd., as the head of English Education Department, gave the opening speech by explaining that this workshop aims to develop technology-based learning, so that the teachers and students can think critically and creatively.

            Furthermore, Nuskhan Abid, M. Pd, a lecturer at IAIN Kudus explained that Technology-based education is very important for student in 4.0 Era. “Learning is not only about lecturer gives material and students listen to it, but it can be making lecturer as a friend so they don’t fell awkward when using technology” He said.

According to Dr. Anuncius Gumawang Jati, a lecturer at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), in this digital era a teacher must be good at playing technology whether they like it or not. “In the past there was no other choice. Whether you like it or not with lecture’s delivery, the student must continue to pay attention to his lecturer. Now, if students do not like the delivery of his lecturer, they will turn their attention to their smartphones. This is certainly a challenge for lecturer.” He said.

Furthermore, Dr. Anuncius Gumawang Jati stated that if the teaching method was not changed, student would not listen to what was said by their teacher or lecturer.” A teacher must be good in choosing words to forbid. Don’t use the word “don’t” because right now when the current generation is getting banned to do something, the more they want to do it.” He explained.

Related to this, Dr. Anuncius Gumawang Jati gave material related to innovation of a teacher or lecturer in teaching by integrating technology into the learning process.

Responding to this innovation, some of lecturers who participated in this workshop were also provided with the workshop about technology-based teaching, With the theme "Developing Skills in Teaching and Learning English in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era". The workshop was held in Second floor hall of SBSN Building Tarbiyah Faculty on Tuesday, September 17, 2019. (DY)

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