English Education Department Invites a Ph.D Graduate to Increase the Motivation of Students

On December 7, 2017, English Education Department of STAIN Kudus held a seminar entitled Creating English Atmosphere in University. This seminar was held with the aim to expand the knowledge of English Education Department of STAIN Kudus, especially in overseas scholarship. The speaker in the seminar was Noor Malihah, S.Pd., M.Hum., Ph.D who is an English lecturer from English Education Study Program of IAIN Salatiga. She emphasized that students have many opportunities to get overseas scholarships. Studying abroad is important for English students because it can give knowledge about the nuances of English culture.

In addition to giving motivation and encouragement to students, Mrs. Noor Malihah also shared her bittersweet in studying abroad. Staying far away from family, being difference in cultural and climate are some of many challenges that she faced when studying abroad, while her status as a young Muslim. Mrs. Noor Malihah graduated from Lancaster University, UK and got her Ph.D in Linguistics and English Language in 2014.

This seminar was followed by the first Semester students of English Education Department and English lecturer from STAIN Kudus. The speaker was considered successful in captivating the hearts of audience. It could be seen from the enthusiasm of the participants to ask questions in Question and Answer (Q&A) sessions at the end of event. –ND

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