International Seminar “Find Your Brilliant Idea to be a Creative Teacher”

On Monday (24/02/20), English Education Department of IAIN Kudus held an International Seminar by the theme “Find Your Brilliant Idea to be a Creative Teacher” with Yuta Otake, a teacher and volunteer from the USA as the speaker.

Focused on the theme “Creative Teacher”, the participants of this seminar was not only from the students but also some high school teachers around Kudus.

By presenting speaker from abroad, the atmosphere during the seminar was awesome, the participants invited to see  teaching method from different perspectives through the foreign speaker that had experienced some different cultures. Yuta Otake delivered the material with full of spirit and invited the participants to be active following all of ice breaking that was given by him. Because of his positive vibes, the materials that were in English could be understandable and attract the the participants.

With this international seminar, hopefully the participants will be motivated, especially for English Education Department students. So that, they will be a creative, innovative, and vigorously teachers. –ARN


Translated by Arina Al Haq

Edited by Nurul Aini Rizqina

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