The student of English Education Department developed Android-based Learning media apps

In the world of education, innovation in the learning process is essential to improve English learners. Especially we are entering the industrial 4.0 revolution in which educators are expected to be able to innovate and enhance the quality of learning. It means teaching technology as part of the curriculum, could changing the approach to learning altogether, and utilizing this technology to better improve the teaching and learning experience. Regarding the challenge, Tadris Bahasa Inggris (TBI) Student of 6th semester IAIN KUDUS developed various android based learning media applications. Beginning with having course named Media and ICT for Teaching English education promoted by Nuskhan Abid, M. Pd, 10 students developed android based learning media applications.

Although they were not the students of information technology (IT) but they manage to create an incredible the application. Here are the names of the applications they developed; Describing Images, Wonderful World, Part of Body, Role Player Game (RPG). One of the intriguing online learning media applications for video game lovers was an RPG (role-player game) the collaboration between 2 students of TBI, Annas Mukhlisuddin and Auliya Fitriyani). Both of the students used the elements that include from the RPG to develop their English-language teaching materials on grammar, vocabulary, and paragraph. So, playing this games could trigger you to think of the correct grammar and vocabulary as the requirement to step up into the next level of the game. The most thing is the benefit of using this learning media application to cultivate learning interests and motivations because the learning process is no longer boring.

Through the various applications of learning media by TBI students of 6th semester, it is hoped to inspire other students in at IAIN KUDUS to develop a more creative and innovative media of learning especially for English Education Department students. (AN)


Written by Ahmad Nuralim

Translated by Lusi

Edited by Nurul Aini Rizqina

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