Screening the Abilities Trough Makrab of English Education Department (TBI) in 2019

EDSA (English Department Student Association) is a student organization of English Education Department at IAIN KUDUS purposed to unfold students potential.  To accomplish it, requires activities that are capable of honing the interests and talents of English students, especially in academic and non academic program.

"Makrab (the period of intimacy) is one of the activities in effort to create the interaction between all the new students of English Education Department of IAIN Kudus. This activity was carried out for 2 days (28-29 September 2019) in Darul Hadlonah at Kudus district and was followed by all of the freshmen English Education Department (TBI) students. “More than that the purpose of this activity is to build friendships, " M. Ishlachul Umam said as the committee chairman.

"Create English Environment in Our Department" is the theme for 2019 and was led by M. Ishlachul Umam. The theme was suggested by the chief of English Education Department Mrs. Hj. Alfu Nikmah, M.Pd. Seminar also part of Makrab agendas which Mr Naja and Mr Munir are the speakers.

Makrab activities 2019 emphasized more on activities that could transform intellectual values such as competition and activities that accelerate student’s skills in English and Arts. As for the competition held during the event were story telling, news anchor, reporter, speech and role play.

The next morning agenda was outbound activities followed by participants and committees with full of effort and excitement. Outbound was interesting because these activities reflect participants and committees after a long activity with several games including the spelling bee, the water relay, and others. Following the closing of the program as the end of the 2019 Makrab activity filled with the impression from the participants. After the program, the committee offered groceries to the orphanage that was still in the same building. That activity was a IAIN KUDUS vision as a superior campus in the development of applied Islamic science. (IM)

Translated by Lusi

Edited by Nurul Aini Rizqina

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