“Improve Solidarity, Increase Harmony”, English Education Department Strengthens the Brotherhood Through Makrab

The members of English Department Students Association (EDSA) IAIN Kudus organized an event to strengthen the brotherhood between generations. This event named makrab or malam keakraban (red: friendship night) which held on September 29th-30th 2018 in Bae Village Hall. This makrab’s theme was “Improve Solidarity, Increase Harmony” that had a series of activities that start on Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning.

This event attended by Mrs. Suciati and Mr. Munir, the English lecturers of TBI  or Tadris Bahasa Inggris (red: English Education Department). Both of those speakers gave a very inspirational insights and build the enthusiasm of English students. The spirit of learning, competitive and hardworking also conveyed by the speakers. Those will uplifting the students to study hard and incised the achievements.

Besides being filled by the speakers, an activity that was no less exciting is the performing art at night which was located behind the Bae Village Hall. The performing art was running well and funny. It was continued by gymnastic and outbound on Sunday morning which can strengthen the unified of each group. This event also was being a milestone in the initial solidarity between English Education Department’s generations.(DN)

Translated by Umam

Edited by Nurul Aini Rizqina

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