Tarbiyah Festival of 2019 at IAIN Kudus: English Department Students Won on 4 Champions

Tarbiyah Festival of 2019 at IAIN Kudus: English Department Students Won on 4 Champions. This event was held annually in an odd semester, exactly on 11-12 September 2019 starting from educational seminars, cultural creation performances, expos, and competitions. This agenda is routinely held by Tarbiyah IAIN Kudus Department Students Association (HMJ) to facilitate students in creating and showing their non academic skills.

Tarbiyah Festival in 2019 was attended by all Tarbiyah Faculty students with various competitions including LKTI or Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah, Oration/Speech Contest, Learning Media Innovation Contest, English Debate Contest, Javanese Debate Contest, Arabic Debate Contest, and Children Songwriting Contest. The enthusiasm of English Department students is quite high in participating in various branches of competitions held by HMJ. Even shortly but intense preparations were occupied by the participants in each competition.

English Department Students team on English Debate contest won as runner up. The representative of Oration Competition also won as runner up. Although English department students have English skills basic, it did not dampen their enthusiasm to take part in the Javanese and Arabic Debate Contest. this is evidenced by their achievements as 3rd and 2nd place. Meanwhile, in the Learning Media Innovation and Children Songwriting Contest, English Department Students were not able to win the championship.

Through the competitions held by HMJ of Tarbiyah Faculty in Tarbiyah Festival 2019, hopefully, English Department students can develop their skills possessed by each student, especially in the language field. They can develop the quality of study programs and expand even to off-campus competitions. Therefore, support from various parties such as lecturers and students themselves is needed for further activities. (SR)

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