Fostering Achievement’ Enthusiasm, English Department Students Participated in English Competition throughout Java at ESA WEEK UNNES 2019

ESA WEEK is a series of competitions held by students of  Semarang State University English Language and Literature. This event was attended by junior and senior high school throughout Central Java and Yogyakarta, as well as university students throughout Java. The competitions included Spelling Bee for junior high school level, Story Telling for junior and senior high school level, English New Reporting for high school level, Speech Contest for high school and university levels and English Essay Competition for university level. The theme of this event is Tahitian Pearls "The Importance of Technology for Human Life" with the motto "Let The Luster Lit Up Our Life".

Compelled to take a part in the event, English Education Department students tried to show off their best performance on Sunday (10/20/2019). Nailisy Syafaah (5th semester) competed in the English Essay Competition. After being chosen among the 10 best essays in the first round, she had to continue to fight in the final round by presenting his scientific writing entitled “The Use of Blended Learning in Promoting English Skill: The case at State Islamic Senior High School”. Meanwhile, the Speech Contest was also enlivened by 5 students named Nurul Aini Rizqina (5th semester), Lutfiana Meita W. and Lusi, (3rd semester), Ainun Nurul L, M. Julio Andre, and Mila Aisyah F. (1st semester).

Whatever the result, it must be received gracefully. They have not been able to bring home any trophy to Kudus because of inadequate preparation. The Essay presented  by Nailisy earned the fifth place in the competition, while the students competing in the Speech Contest were not yet able to become champions. However, this should not discourage the participants in improving their English skills. “Experience is the best teacher”. They have done their best in this event. What they did here should be thought of a step to improve themselves so that they can perform better on the next occasion. Hopefully this can also motivate other students to be enthusiastic to achieve their best and to join English competition up to international level.


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