Students of English Education Department Won All Speech Competition 2019 Titles

A remarkable achievement was once again accomplished by IAIN Kudus English Education Department students in a competition entitled “SPEECH COMPETITION UKM STEC IAIN KUDUS 2019.” The final round of the event was held on Thursday (28/11/2019) at the 1st floor hall of SBSN Building IAIN Kudus. This event is held annually by UKM STEC IAIN Kudus which is intended for all students of IAIN Kudus to compete as well as capturing new talents in English speech.

This year might be the year of English Education Department’s students who competed in Speech Competition. Students of English Education Department successfully won all the championship titles, from the 1st to the 3rd winner. English Education Department’s delegates who won the championship titles are, Muhammad Julio Andre on the 1st place, Untsa Naila Ulya on the 2nd place, and Laily Nurunnimah on 3rd, all of whom are first semester students.

It is hoped that this achievement would motivate English Education Department students to improve their skills and competitiveness. In addition, it is hoped that the achievement would grow the students’ love for English Education Department and encourage them to prepare for more prestigious and competitive championships. Congratulation to all winners and keep making English Education Department proud.


Writer: Julio

Translator: Nila

Editor: Fahmi

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