To Improve Language Skill, EDSA Held English Competitions 2019

English Department Student Association – Wednesday (6/11) held the opening ceremony of the Intra-Institutional Contest dubbed English Competition at the IAIN Kudus PKM (Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa)  building. The contest is created to improve students’ English. This year is the first English Competition for English Education Department students. The atmosphere of the Pusat Kegiatan Mahasiswa Building this morning looked lively because the opening ceremony was attended by all students as well as lecturers of English Education Department.

The event began with Nurul Aini Rizqina’s speech as the chief of committee of the first IAIN Kudus English Competition. Starting her speech, she explained that this event was held to explore the potential of English Education Department students as well as to strengthen the relationship among IAIN Kudus English Education Department students.

Destinia Yudiana, Chairwoman of EDSA in her speech also expressed her joy and gratitude towards all members of the committee who have  spent a lot of time and energy to make sure that the event runs well

At the same occasion in her speech the Head of English Education Department Hj. Alfu Nikmah, M.Pd. conyed that activities like this must continue to be held to improve students’ abilities and competencies. She said that similar activities should be continued in the coming years.

In today’s competition, 8 students participated in the Speech Contest and 8 others participated in the Story Telling Contest. Meanwhile on the following day Debate Competition where 24 students will take part as well as Sing a Song Contest where 8 students will compete are scheduled. All students competing in each branch are representatives of their respective classes.


Writer: Desti

Translator: Salma

Editor: Fahmi

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