The Student of English Education Department Wins Essay Writing Contest 2019

Another brilliant achievement was accomplished by a student of IAIN Kudus English Education Department. This time, it was the 1st winner of essay writing contest which was part of the 2019 Language Festival held by IAIN Kudus STEC and Al-Izzah students activity unit (UKM). In this occasion, English Education Department was represented by Nailisy Syafa’ah.

After only having reached the final round in the Essay Writing Contest in Semarang, the calm mannered girl has proven that hard work and unyielding spirit would bring positive result. This should be taken as an example and motivation for other students of English Education Department to excel in any field.

The 2019 Language Festival held on 29-31 October 2019 featured various competitions related to English and Arabic languages. Many students from all over Indonesia took part in the competitions. As well as college level competitions, the annual festival also featured competitions for high school students.

Congratulation to Nailisy Syafa’ah, and keep up your spirit to all students of English Education Department.


Writer: Nuskhan

Translator: Mila

Editor: Fahmi

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