Month of Blessings : English Education Department Students Held a Communal Fast Breaking and Almsgiving to Orphans Event

Ramadhan is a month full of happiness to all Muslims around the world. Its blessings are felt not only by Muslims, but also by all people of other religions. This blessing is what English Education Students wanted to share to the people around them. English Education student held a Communal Fast Breaking and Almsgiving to Orphans event on 15 May 2019. Held at the Tennis court of East Campus, the event was attended by Englsih Education ’17 and ’18 generation students. Lecturers of English Education Department were also present in this event as well as 20 orphans from the Conge area.

The main theme of the year’s Communal fast breaking was “Fostering New Connections, Strengthening Existing Ones” which illustrates the importance of silaturahmi in maintaining relationship. It’s also important for college student to maintain a good relationship with members of the society in which they live. The event was hoped to strengthen the relationship among students as well as between students and people around them.

Hanifah, parent of one of the orphans stated that this event is very good for the local society. She also hoped that this event will continue and improve in the future.

On a separate occasion, the chief of commite Wafa Taufuqur Rahman stated that this event had been a success even though there were some obstacles in some areas. However these obstacles did not take away the student’s desire to organize similar event in the following years.


Writer: Devina

Translator: Niam

Editor: Fahmi

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