Introduction to Educational Research: Students of English Education Department are Enthusiastic to Participate in Talking with Lecturers

The Talking with Lecturers program, which was held at the IAIN Kudus Library Building ran well. The event which was initiated by the English Department Student Association (EDSA) presented an interviewees, Nuskhan Abid, M.Pd, a lecturer in English Education Department of IAIN Kudus. The theme of the talk-show is "Introduction to Educational Research". This theme is expected to make students understand how to start research/journal in the field of education.

The first discussion with lecturers presented speaker from IA Kudus intending to strengthen the bond between lecturers and students. In the future, it is hoped that there will be no obstacles between lecturers and students in the learning process.

The majority of participants who attended were 2nd semester students of English Education Department. They were very enthusiastic listening to the presentation from the speaker and did not have any hesitation to ask questions and express their opinions. The format of the event is an informal event, so students do not feel awkward to express their opinions. They admitted that they were enthusiastic about this activity because it explained khasanah of knowledge that was different from something that was usually obtained in the classroom.

The participants were curious and very active in each session because they wanted to know about research in the field of education deeply. Separately, Head of English Education Department, Hj. Alfu Nikmah, M.Pd said that this positive activity must be carried out for mutual development.

Seeing a positive enthusiasm, EDSA plans to make this activity as a routine activity. The participants were not only from English Education Department students, but also students from other study programs such as Biology Education Department. They admitted that they were interested in participating this activity because they wanted to know how to start research/research in the field of education. (NA)

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